Rapid Growth of GMO crops

Posted: Jan 28, 2014


Do you think ingredients from genetically-modified crops have been in the food chain for a long time? Think again. America has adopted genetically-modified crops faster than any other nation. In the late 1990’s, less than 10% of the corn and soy planted in the US was genetically-modified. Today things look different. Genetically-modified soybeans now make up 93% of the total planted soy acreage in the US. Over 95% of sugar beets planted in the US today are genetically-modified. That’s a huge jump in less than twenty years! We tend to take for granted that genetically-modified ingredients have been planted (and eaten!) for a long time now, but the data shows just how new the technology is. The kinds of crops that are planted today, most of which end up in our food chain, look very different from just a few years ago.


We’re concerned about the impacts of genetically-modified crops on the environment and in the food chain. Good Boy Organics is 100% committed to producing foods that are certified organic and Non-GMO verified.  



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