The Good Story Of Good Boy Organics

Good Boy Organics was founded in 2012 by the nice people of Integrated Organics Company (IOCO) and Integrated Global Organics (IGLO). We use our long history of discovering the best organic products and distributing them all over the US to bring awesome organic goodness to shelves near you.

Our strong relationships with the best producers and processors across the globe allow us to streamline supply channels and provide the greatest quality, competitively priced, certified organic products to you and your family. Plus we get to make crunchy cheesy dinosaurs. Sometimes things work out just right.

Meet David & Victoria

Way back when, a sixth grader in Nunda, New York won a countywide essay contest on nutrition. That student was David Byrnes—future founder and CEO of Good Boy Organics—and the coveted prize, a “Be a Choosy Chewer” T-shirt, was worn with pride well into his college years. After launching a successful bike lock company with friends in the San Francisco Bay Area, Byrnes returned to Upstate New York to pursue a career in the organic foods sector. He and his wife Victoria embarked on a decade of success launching progressive and successful organic food brands with the sales and marketing company they founded in 2001—Integrated Organics Company (IOCO). In 2009, Integrated Global Organics (IGLO) joined IOCO, and in 2012 Good Boy Organics was born.

Today David and Victoria put their curiosity, drive, and lifelong passion for nutrition and agriculture to work leading Good Boy Organics. Along with our entire team, they’re dedicated to helping families everywhere become choosy chewers themselves—by making sure delicious, nutritious, certified organic foods are accessible and affordable.


Good Boy Organics is dedicated to providing delicious, healthy products that are USDA Certified Organic and Verified by the Non-GMO Project. We source ingredients from fair trade certified producers and develop certified gluten-free products whenever possible.

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